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RCS Cartage is a freight transport and warehousing company.

Self-Help for Managed Services and IT Departments. FixFinder integrates all the tools a user needs to interact with the IT team. By creating a real front line at the desktop, you free up your 1st tier to work with users who meet you halfway.

Computer Software/Engineering
Nairobi, Kenya
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We believe Africa has great potential for economic development thanks to technology. We are determined to play a role in making this a reality. We are actively engaged in ongoing projects to address structural challenges and root out inefficiencies within major sectors.

We use Elixir and Phoenix LiveView to help people make their homes energy efficient.

Walnut empowers remote and inside sales leaders, to own their demos and to be outstanding storytellers without relying on back-end teams, such as product, r&d and design. Dramatically increase your conversion rates with our codeless & failure-free approach.

Ubindi makes it easy for freelance teachers to manage students, reservations, payments, attendance, emails, and more.

Information Technology/IT
Germany & remote
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At smartvokat, we build digital process management applications for legal professionals. With digital transformation and legal tech being on the rise, we strive to be at the forefront of realising the untapped potential of making transformation accessible for all stakeholders.

Cape Town, London, Amsterdam
Добавить вакансию is a WhatsApp Business API service provider with a social impact mission to help organisations manage and automate conversations to improve lives.

Technology Consulting
Shawinigan, Quebec, Canada
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Rum&Code develops complete B2B and B2C solutions as well as SaaS products like CultureGo, our digital exhibit platform. We have been using Elixir in production since 2019 for our own and our clients’ projects. Our offices are located in Shawinigan, Quebec.

A white label, all-in-one live streaming and ott solution.


Macrostax is the world’s leading platform for counting macros. We create custom macro plans, matched with personalized recipes and meal suggestions, to help our clients achieve their goals. Not sure what “macros” are, no problem! Macros are shorthand for macronutrients; instead of counting calories, we make sure our customers eat the right proportion of carbohydrates, protein, and fat throughout the day.

Since our founding, we have helped more than 50,000 individuals eat the “right way” for their body type and their personal goals. Our software platform, our library of proprietary macro-friendly recipes, and our team of nutrition coaches have helped our clients repair their relationships with food and transform their bodies.

Embedded software/Internet of Things
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Datakrew is an innovative deep technology startup with strong roots in IoT, AI & data security. Our product MADS, is an IoT Platform with an AppStore of dedicated IoT apps, to build custom IoT solutions quickly and easily. Elixir/OTP is at the core of MADS.

Chattanooga, TN, USA
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Elixir Training & Video Courses

We do one thing: teach programming. Whether you’re looking for recurring lessons to accelerate your career, or professional Elixir training, or a one-time course, we have you covered.

Professional Consulting and Product Development within your budget and on time, powered by modern technologies. Our team is fluent in Elixir, Ruby, Javascript, Python and mobile developemnt with Flutter and React native. We can design and build your product from scratch or integrate your existing team.

Information Technology/IT
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Papercups is an open source Intercom alternative that is written in Phoenix! We are two technical founders that worked at Amazon and Stripe.