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Paraxial.io makes an anti-bot tool (similar to reCaptcha or Cloudflare) for Elixir and Phoenix application. The company also offers security consulting services focused on Elixir.

Bangalore, India
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Automatad is a Full-stack Programmatic Monetization Solutions for Premium Publishers. Automatad uses Elixir/Phoenix to build a High Performant ad server.

Other Industry
Remote only
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Funeral directors and families deserve modern technology.

So we’re creating Elegy, with help from industry-expert advisors.

We want to help people focus on what’s important at end-of-life. And we know that great software can reduce burdens for funeral directors and families, making it easier to help honor those who die.

Prise allows you to track and search work activity across all of your apps, with insights and recommendations powered by AI.

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We develop and scale digital business ideas.

Technology Consulting
Cincinnati, OH
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We build user-centered software together with you that solves business problems. We have over five years of shipping elixir to production with both web and mobile platforms.

Information Technology/IT
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Vic.ai is pioneering the use of autonomy and intelligence to digitally transform accounting and finance processes to improve productivity, decision-making, and ROI.

New York, Toronto, London
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Our RBC CM’s Global Markets Teams works with our clients around the world to deliver trusted insights and solutions on all of their trading and hedging activities, as well as focused, in-depth expertise across a broader range of asset classes and currencies.

We use sophisticated data and analytical tools, often coded in Elixir, to optimize our sales force and develop new, innovative trading products for clients. Our sales professionals are complemented by our strong global electronic trading capabilities, based on BEAM technology. By continuously investing in the latest advanced technology, we are able to deliver innovative electronic trading solutions to clients worldwide.

Elixir is a growing strategic technology in RBC CM and is providing solutions in the following domains:

  • Commodities
  • Debt Origination
  • Electronic Trading
  • Equities
  • Equity Linked Products
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Fixed Income
  • Prime Brokerage

Elixir is also core in our Machine Learning and Blockchain initiatives.

Information Technology/IT
Antananarivo, Madagascar
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Tag-IP is the developer and provider of TRACK, a software for GPS monitoring, vehicle telematics and fleet management.

Bitfo is a Cryptocurrency Media Company helping people make informed decisions through educational material

Education Technology
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Workera is the skills intelligence platform redefining how enterprises understand, develop, and mobilize talent.

Computer Software
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Online database converter for small and large datasets. Convert between tabular files, structured data and databases.

South Africa
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Flickswitch builds mobile network agnostic ways to deploy and manage mobile SIM cards at scale.

Information Technology/IT
Tartu, Estonia
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Globalreader is an IoT service provider company to the manufacturing industries to get more efficiency with customer-tailored metrics in real-time.

Computer Software/Engineering
Queenstown, New Zealand
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We are a small software consultancy specialising in Elixir, Python & Typescript.