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Curitiba, Brazil
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We are a tech startup that is creating the most significant retail ecosystem in Latam by connecting brands, marketplaces, logistics, and shopping malls and by offering retailers the most advanced and efficient solutions for creating sales channels and delivering their products in minutes, all over Brazil!

Information Technology/IT
Zürich, Switzerland / Valencia, Spain
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We work with you and your cus­tomers on an on­go­ing ba­sis to de­vel­op sus­tain­able dig­i­tal prod­ucts.

Denton, TX
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The manufacturer of the world’s finest gaming miniatures, hobby paints, and accessories.

Computer Software/Engineering
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We help innovators to bring ideas to life. From startups to large companies, we work with the founders, CEOs and CMOs to validate ideas, build the perfect experience and deliver revenue generating platforms.

Computer Software/Engineering
Braga, Portugal & Boston, USA
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Tech venture studio that helps founders with consultancy work, strategy, culture, mentoring and product development.

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Computer Software/Engineering
Groningen, the Netherlands
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Resilia; Software can be Forever

Pioneers in Decentralized, Distributed and Fault-Tolerant Systems

Is your company in need of a trustless infrastructure? Or are you working on a proof of concept related to Distributed Systems? Or are you working on a system that should always remain accessible and usable, no matter what?

Resilia helps companies and organizations of all kinds and sizes with their challenges.

We design and build clever systems that will just keep on working, no matter what.

Computer Software/Engineering
Rostock, Germany
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Altow is a Software Development Company in Rostock, Northern Germany which specialises in transforming business models and building great user experiences on nearly every platform. We are early adopter and highly committed into the Elixir ecosystem, constantly working on achieving new heights in this brave new world.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need:

  • Elixir / Phoenix development
  • AWS consulting / development
  • UI/UX consulting


Enterprise SaaS
Seoul, Korea / Honolulu, HI
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Custom CMS development; web design & development; scheduling systems

Computer Software
The Netherlands
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We develop web applications, design infrastructures and provide guidance to clients all around the world. We use - and contribute to - Open Source technologies to build better and faster systems.

Information Technology/IT
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We give every object a digital identity to connect them to the Internet of Things.

This identity enables us to offer brands authentication, grey market detection and consumer engagement services through the integration of an NFC tag in your products.

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We are AKRA- founded by developers for developers. Our two managing directors Fabian and Thomas have been working with love and passion for our colorful company for 20 years now, which now employs over 70 people. No matter whether software development, IT infrastructure or project management - we take care of everything for our customers from start to finish. Our fields of activity are as varied as our characters in the company. The focus is on agile full stack development and operation of web apps. Our customer spectrum ranges from start-ups to traditional Hamburg companies to international groups. All of our customers are located in the Hamburg city area and are easy to reach by public transport. So it’s up to you

Cologne, Germany
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As a leading e-health startup in Germany with over 50 employees, BetterDoc finds the right physicians for patients.

To do so, we are building a domain model that enables us to represent and store quality data related to health, and use that to make well-based recommendations for the right physician. Join our product team and help us build and evolve our platform that both internal teams and our external customers use. Currently our service is valued by more than 10,000 happy patients per year.

Computer Software/Engineering
Cape Town and Johannesburg - South Africa
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We use technology to solve some of the world’s largest social problems.

United States
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Papa pairs older adults and families with Papa Pals for companionship and assistance with everyday tasks. We offer programs to health plans, providers, employers, and consumers.

See https://elixirforum.com/t/papa-is-hiring-for-us-senior-backend-engineer-work-with-elixir-full-time/33254

Git Scientist is an online training platform which combines traditional online learning with practical exercises and ongoing support.

Our first training course, Git for Scientists, has been developed with the help of scientists from the fields of Earth Observation and Climate Change Mitigation. You’ll learn all the practical, real-world Git skills you need to quickly improve your productivity and ability to collaborate.

São Paulo
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We are the largest technology company for events and entertainment experiences in Latin America.