A curated list of companies using Elixir in production, organized by industry.

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KM Online

Financial Services
Florianópolis, Brazil
Fullstack Developer

Founded at 2017, at Florianópolis, KM Online has an objective to simplify expense reporting and displacement reimbursement, using our Cloud platform, composed by mobile apps and web access. We use Elixir to process background jobs using AWS SNS + SQS with producer and consumer pipelines provided by GenStage.

Pattern Match

Technology Consulting
Cracow, Poland

Elixir & AWS. We can help you with: developing the product, setting up infrastructure that is going to survive millions of concurrent users, perform full scale load tests to prove it and hook up business metrics, so that you can see it with your own eyes. Our main areas of expertise are: Ad Tech, Instant Messaging, Public Transport & IoT.



TSC uses AI and the most advanced stakeholder technology to solve hard problems for some of the biggest companies, governments, and non-profits around the globe. We use Elixir and Phoenix to provide an API to our front-end applications, and for most business logic. We have chosen this stack to ensure scalability and resilience.


Computer Software/Engineering
Paris, FR

Zenaton provides technical teams with the tools they need to easily create advanced business processes using a powerful hosted workflow engine. Elixir has been used to build the workflow engine and the worker agent


Blend Media

Media Production
London, United Kingdom
Software Engineer - Elixir

Blend is the world’s leading provider for Brands and Publishers looking to benefit from the deeper audience engagement that immersive content offers. We have built the largest library of premium 360° Video/VR films, available to license for use in campaigns across social media, Virtual Reality headsets and WebVR, and we run a global network of expert 360° Video Creators. Blend also makes it easy for Brands and Publishers to create their own 360 ad experiences all within the browser. Our “360 Stories” are customisable WebVR environments that deliver an engaging and shareable ad format, scalable across all social networks. Our backend is written in Elixir using Phoenix.


Technology Consulting
Baton Rouge, LA, USA

We help brands uncover their hidden potential. We’re a web and mobile design and development studio. We use Elixir and Phoenix in client work and on internal projects to develop web apps, mobile app APIs, embedded systems and appliances, and more.


Vancouver, Canada

Fully automated guest access, twenty-four seven. Elixir and Phoenix are used for the entire API and back-end.

Digital Origin

Financial Services
Barcelona, Spain

Digital Origin is a financial services company mainly focused on offering e-tailers a product to provide consumer credit to their customers in the form of deferred payments. We use Elixir along with Phoenix in our payments platform.