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Technology Consulting
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Professional Consulting and Product Development within your budget and on time, powered by modern technologies. Our team is fluent in Elixir, Ruby, Javascript, Python and mobile developemnt with Flutter and React native. We can design and build your product from scratch or integrate your existing team.

Information Technology/IT
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Papercups is an open source Intercom alternative that is written in Phoenix! We are two technical founders that worked at Amazon and Stripe.

Computer Games
Bengaluru, India
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Lounge helps remote teams catch-up & stay connected with fun games!

Computer Software/Engineering
Lille, France
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Design UX/UI et ateliers de conception

Nous permettons de passer d’un concept à un prototype validé par vos futurs utilisateurs en seulement quelque jours.

Nous concevons également parcours et interfaces utilisateurs à la carte.

Développement web et mobile

Avec une équipe polyglotte, sans parti pris technique et un suivi de projet sur-mesure, nous développons votre application en tenant compte de vos enjeux et selon les meilleurs standards.

Hébergement et exploitation

Nous avons sélectionné avec attention les meilleurs services du marché pour vous offrir des solutions d’hébergement au meilleur rapport qualité prix capable de scaler avec votre produit.

Growth et analytics

Nous vous aidons à mettre en place une stratégie d’acquisition qui transformera vos visiteurs en utilisateurs puis en clients heureux.

Events Services
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Online guide for live streaming events. Creators post their scheduled upcoming live streams. Viewers sign up to get notified of any event up to a day before the event starts.


For dedicated and hardwork people who are looking for a career in web development and are willing to be protagonists of their trajectories, Trybe is a school that is fully committed to the success of their students and was created with the purpose of generating more opportunities for people.

We make a genuine commitment to people, as they only start paying when they have a minimum monthly income.

We invest in the best educational practices and connection with the market to ensure high quality teaching and a wide network of partner companies.

Curitiba, Brazil
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We are a tech startup that is creating the most significant retail ecosystem in Latam by connecting brands, marketplaces, logistics, and shopping malls and by offering retailers the most advanced and efficient solutions for creating sales channels and delivering their products in minutes, all over Brazil!

Information Technology/IT
Zürich, Switzerland / Valencia, Spain
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We work with you and your cus­tomers on an on­go­ing ba­sis to de­vel­op sus­tain­able dig­i­tal prod­ucts.

Denton, TX
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The manufacturer of the world’s finest gaming miniatures, hobby paints, and accessories.

Computer Software/Engineering
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We help innovators to bring ideas to life. From startups to large companies, we work with the founders, CEOs and CMOs to validate ideas, build the perfect experience and deliver revenue generating platforms.

Computer Software/Engineering
Braga, Portugal & Boston, USA
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Tech venture studio that helps founders with consultancy work, strategy, culture, mentoring and product development.

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Computer Software/Engineering
Groningen, the Netherlands
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Resilia; Software can be Forever

Pioneers in Decentralized, Distributed and Fault-Tolerant Systems

Is your company in need of a trustless infrastructure? Or are you working on a proof of concept related to Distributed Systems? Or are you working on a system that should always remain accessible and usable, no matter what?

Resilia helps companies and organizations of all kinds and sizes with their challenges.

We design and build clever systems that will just keep on working, no matter what.

Computer Software/Engineering
Rostock, Germany
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Altow is a Software Development Company in Rostock, Northern Germany which specialises in transforming business models and building great user experiences on nearly every platform. We are early adopter and highly committed into the Elixir ecosystem, constantly working on achieving new heights in this brave new world.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need:

  • Elixir / Phoenix development
  • AWS consulting / development
  • UI/UX consulting


Enterprise SaaS
Seoul, Korea / Honolulu, HI
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Custom CMS development; web design & development; scheduling systems

Computer Software
The Netherlands
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We develop web applications, design infrastructures and provide guidance to clients all around the world. We use - and contribute to - Open Source technologies to build better and faster systems.

Information Technology/IT
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We give every object a digital identity to connect them to the Internet of Things.

This identity enables us to offer brands authentication, grey market detection and consumer engagement services through the integration of an NFC tag in your products.