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Delft, The Netherlands
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Backend developer

9to5 is a software development company based in Delft, The Netherlands. Our company develops tailored native apps for backend, iOS, Android and web.

9to5 differentiates itself from other developers by offering all the required expertises in-house. From concept and building the API and backend, to designing the user interface and beta testing your app. Also, 9to5 can support you and help you optimise your app after launch.

By offering this development process entirely in-house less mistakes are made and the process is accelerated. This method is supported by our broad expertise on the area of design and development technics.

Customers are directly in contact with developers, without any sales or project managers in between. This direct contact allows the developers to actively think along with the customers to help bring the ideas to life.

The final result is a quick delivery of a high-end and user friendly app, that meets all the requirements of the customer.