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Calgary, AB
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Premium On-Demand Oil & Gas Training for Petrotechnicals from Best-in-Class Instructors.

Financial Services
Paris, France
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A new bank for small and medium enterprises.

Consumer Electronics
San Jose
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We design products to free people from household chores and will change how we all look at housekeeping tasks.

Our products, the award-winning Neato family of autonomous robotic vacuums, have set new standards for intelligence, ease of use and cleaning effectiveness. The products have been available in retail and online in the U.S. since 2010, and more recently in Europe and Asia. And they are only the first few of many new products to come.

London, Amsterdam, Warsaw, St. Petersburg
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Fresha is the number one beauty and wellness appointment booking marketplace worldwide. We just closed our $100M Series C to accelerate our continued global scale-out. We’re headquartered in London with global offices located in NYC, Vancouver, Sydney, Dublin, Warsaw, Amsterdam and St. Petersburg.

Fresha takes the hassle out of running beauty and wellness businesses with an industry-leading, freemium SaaS platform for managing appointment bookings, payments, staffing, inventory, CRM, marketing, financial reporting, and much more. Our CTO cheekily (and annoyingly) calls us the “SAP for Salons”, which should give you a sense of the breadth and depth of our product offering.

Our platform is used by over 50k merchants, in 120+ countries, who together book over half a million appointments every day, and all of those numbers are growing massively month-on-month. Having achieved great product-market fit in multiple markets, we’re now scaling worldwide. Our product engineering teams are based in London, Amsterdam, Warsaw and St. Petersburg and we’re continuously looking to add great talent at both the individual contributor and leadership level in all of those locations.

Martide’s all-in-one platform is designed to help shipping companies recruit and manage crew, suppliers advertise their services, and seafarers find maritime jobs.


Social Network
Minneapolis, MN
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Video Game Collection tracker and social network (a la Letterboxd/Goodreads for Video Games)

Financial Technology
New York, NY
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Ramp is building the world’s first finance automation platform designed to save businesses time and money. Ramp offers 5-in-1 software that consolidates corporate cards, expense management, bill payments, accounting, and reporting into one simple and free solution. More than 3,000 businesses are using Ramp to process billions in annualized transaction volume. Customers include some of the fastest growing startups and unicorns like Ro, DoNotPay, ClickUp, and Applied Intuition, as well as established businesses across the US such as Bristol Hospice, Walther Farms, Douglas Elliman, and Planned Parenthood.

Founded in 2019, Ramp is NYC’s fastest growing startup, having achieved a unicorn valuation of $3.9 billion in just over 2 years. Ramp has raised $620 million in funding from investors including Founders Fund, Stripe, Goldman Sachs, Coatue Management, D1 Capital Partners, Redpoint Ventures and Thrive Capital, as well as over 100 angel investors who were founders or executives of leading companies. Ramp is part of the Forbes Fintech 50 and Fast Company’s Best Workplaces for Innovators program.

Computer Software/Engineering
All over the world
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PSPDFKit builds developer tools to empower engineers that want to build great software. We use Elixir on the backend of our SaaS and on-premise products, e.g. a document-oriented collaboration platform or a document processing service.

Cincinnati, OH
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FRAYT is an on-demand delivery platform that enables business to offer scheduled or same day delivery to their customers.

Computer Software/Engineering
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Quanterall is an R&D Lab for software and hardware engineering.

The core business of the company is to develop custom Blockchain solutions, Enterprise software, and IoT infrastructure. Our projects are mainly based on Erlang, Elixir and Haskell.

The company specializes in the development of end-to-end customized solutions in functional programming languages.

The tech team consists of 70+ engineers for blockchain, back-end, DevOps, web and mobile, embedded and hardware development. The company was incorporated in 2003 and has offices in Varna and Sofia.

Quanterall has a global client base that ranges from startups, scaleups to industry leaders.

Industries served: FinTech, Telecom, Healthcare, Insurance, Logistics, Vending, Manufacturing, and more.

The main areas of R&D in our lab are IoT, AR, Blockchain, and Bioinformatics.

Financial Services
South Africa
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Floatpays gives your employees instant access to their earned, but unpaid income to cover unplanned expenses, provides them with access to financial education and the tools to plan and manage their own budget.

Computer Software/Engineering
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Sophisticated software solutions for challenging projects built with the PETAL-Stack (Phoenix, Elixir, Tailwind, Alpine and LiveView).

Human Resources
Lyon, France
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Clearwage offers a simple method for companies to define their pay scale step by step. By combining the salary pay scale and the compensation of the entire team in one tool, it’s easy to plan your increase policy as well as your budget for recruitments.

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French-Spanish e-commerce company

Denver, CO & Vancouver, BC
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Enbala Power Networks, a subsidiary of Generac, is focused on making the world’s power grids greener and more reliable, efficient and predictable by harnessing the power of distributed energy. Enbala’s real-time energy-balancing platform is transforming energy system operations through its revolutionary, highly flexible approach for creating controllable and dispatchable energy resources. It unobtrusively captures and aggregates available customer loads, energy storage and renewable energy sources to form a network of continuously controlled energy resources. The platform dynamically optimizes and dispatches these resources to respond to the real-time needs of the power system—all without impacting customer operations.

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Booking a plane ticket is finally a piece of cake