Pharos Production Inc.

Blockchain & Fintech
Las Vegas, NV, US; Kiev, Ukraine; Vilnius, Lithuania
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Pharos Production Inc. is a software development company established in July 2013 in Las Vegas, NV and with 2 development teams in Kyiv, Ukraine and Vilnius, Lithuania. Our specializations are Blockchain and High-Load FinTech systems. We are proud of developing edge technological custom solutions and components that meet our client’s needs. We also create our own high-performance components that are used for solving common tasks and help to save our client’s time and budget. Having the best engineers in different areas on board, our teams provide all development services in one place. Design, Planning a software Architecture, Business Analysis and business models development, including database and local stores cache queries optimization, building user interfaces using all our knowledge in ergonomics and user experience, building high-load, blazingly fast web applications and APIs to support mobile solutions and reactive web browser front end, quality assurance and support staff in one company. Our teams are made up of the brightest and most dedicated Elixir and Erlang, Scala, Blockchain, Solidity, web, and mobile - iOS and Android - developers, designers, project managers, and quality assurance specialists. Our development efforts resulted in more than 30 mobile and web solutions – KYC on Blockchain, micro-loans credits network, social networking apps, e-commerce, news boards, other different business, and entertainment mobile applications.


Technology Consulting
Abuja, Nigeria
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Reimnet is a software development company that specializes in delivering innovative, scalable, technology solutions for ‑startups and enterprise business needs. We’re a team of people with multi-faceted—but highly specialized—strategists, designers and developers. Whether you’re a startup, corporation, enterprise or an individual, we can help you bring your vision to life using a simple and flexible process. Amongst other languages, we have built and deployed over 7 elixir application in production for clients and having to build internal tools.


San Francisco, CA
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Fluxx has two products for foundations and non-profits to manage the workflow of the granting process. Grantseeker, a web app for non-profits to manage their grant application process, has a backend powered by Elixir


Social Network
Stockholm, Sweden
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The world's largest network for anglers.


Where stock market meets soccer. A fantasy game that will test your abilities as an investor and your soccer fan skills. The entire web application is implemented in Elixir.


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We make broad scale influencer marketing campaigns seamless for brands and influencers. Our unique combination of technology and a full-service agency approach gives you back time to achieve more. We use Elixir (and Phoenix) to power a GraphQL API for our React & React Native applications.


Accra, Ghana
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A collaborative patient management system that connects doctors and external healthcare service providers to streamline patient health data.

Bike Bandit

San Diego, CA
Add a job is the web's largest source for Powersports parts, accessories and apparel with over 8 million products available online. From street motorcycles, cruisers and dirt bikes to ATVs and snowmobiles, has millions of products to ensure you can shop for everything you need to get riding. Our goal is simple: supply our customers with a professional-quality online site to purchase the parts and accessories they need and provide industry-leading customer service. No more trying to explain complicated parts over the phone or going to a dealer -- You pick 'em...we ship ' Get Riding! It's that simple!


Human Resources/HR
Melbourne, Australia
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Dossy is an automated reference checking platform aimed at Recruitment Agencies and Employers. Simply signup, login & specify your candidate’s deets and Dossy does the rest. We hope to save you money and time, while also allowing you to make better, quicker hiring decisions.

Little Kidogo

Information Technology/IT
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Little Kidogo is a distributed collective of world-class professionals on an ambitious mission to enhance lives through enabling African artisans to live off their work. We spend our time building bleeding-edge products that we believe will enrich our lives and the lives of the communities we live in. We are working to enable more Africans to become producers of digital content rather than consumers. We believe we can achieve this goal by actively sharing our learnings and the methods we utilize day by day to build great products. Through this sharing, we hope to enable others especially those without access to the resources needed to acquire this kind of education and ultimately give them a chance to become producers on a global scale.


Computer Software/Engineering
Monterrey, México
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Elixir Backend Developer

We are a company that works mainly with manufacturing industries. Focusing on helping them digitize there factories floors, retrieve and analyze the data to create actionables. We use Elixir, Phoenix, Nerves, Absinthe, Kubernetes, and React


London, United Kingdom
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Ably is a realtime data stream network PaaS. Elixir is used for some of the backend realtime services, such as the realtime protocol adapter layer (

Binary Noggin

Computer Software/Engineering
Kansas City, MO
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Custom software development and team augmentation using Elixir and agile methodologies. We start every relationship with trust and believe that is the best way to build anything together. Two heads are better than one so let's put ours together.

Jack + Joe

Computer Software/Engineering
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We prototype, build, test and deliver digital products for organisations. Developing convenient tools that make everyday’s life so much easier.

Mashup Garage

Manila, Philippines
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Mashup Garage is an Elixir/Phoenix and Ruby on Rails development company based in Manila, Philippines. We make our own products, we build teams for startups & enterprises, and we do consultations for businesses of different sizes. We have offices in Manila and Melbourne. We have worked with partners and clients from across the globe, and are actively seeking new companies to work with.

Anndream Software Co,Ltd.

Enterprise Resource Planning ,Business Intelligence,E-Commerce