Social Network
Dubai, UAE
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We are the social platform that combines all the best features of the top social networks - posts, stories, chat, map and much more. We are using Elixir as the core technology for the backend. It helps us to build complex and sophisticated business logic in fast, yet simple and reliable way.


Financial Technology
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The company that helps you feel better about your money. Fund your retirement. Send a child to school. Pay off your debts. Planswell shows you how to achieve your biggest goals with one single monthly contribution. Toronto, Canada.


A font subscription service for designers. We use Elixir/Phoenix to build a web API for the website and handle WebSocket connection for the desktop applications.


Opendoor buys your home from you, so you can skip months of selling and start your next chapter.

The RealReal

Marketplace for luxury fashion resale products.


Rhino replaces your security deposit with affordable insurance for your apartment – and puts thousands of dollars back in your pocket. We use Elixir to power our public API (


Real Estate
São Paulo, BR
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YouProp is an online real estate management and financial system for owners. We use Elixir in backend and angular 6 in front.


Online Code Editor Tailored for Web Application Development

Everyday Hero

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Everydayhero is transforming how people give to and connect with the causes they care about most.

Erlang Solutions

Erlang Solutions is a global tech company fixing issues of scale. We’re a talented team of software experts, passionate about Erlang, Elixir and other BEAM technologies. We're hiring!


Financial Services
Hong Kong S.A.R., China
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A Superior Blockchain Asset Trading Platform Focusing on EOS Projects. Based on pure elixir/phoenix/OTP infrastructure.


Financial Services
Melbourne, Australia
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Kudoo provides financial services to professional service companies. We provide project, timesheets and invoicing software to enable businesses to effeciently invoice their customers from the work performed by their staff. We use Elixir and Phoenix to power our backend and deploy our API and all business logic.

Pharos Production Inc.

Blockchain & Fintech
Las Vegas, NV, USA; Kyiv, Ukraine
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We're a Vegas-based software development company with development branches in Eastern Europe (Ukraine, Lithuania). We specialize in high-load systems, including custom distributed and decentralized technologies like blockchain, with all required infra - web front end, mobile apps, DevOps etc. We use cutting-edge tools in our technology stack - Elixir, Scala, ReactJS, Kotlin for Android, Swift for iOS, Flutter for cross-platform development and Fuchsia, Kubernetes, Docker and Ansible for deployment into AWS, Azure or private servers. Also, we provide the development of distributed/decentralized projects on Quorum (J.P. Morgan blockchain technology for financial organizations) and Hyperledger stack for Supply Chain projects.


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Nimble collaborative note-taking. Located in Gothenburg, Sweden. Backend is written in Elixir and Phoenix.

Carbon Five

Agile Web and Mobile Product Development in San Francisco, NYC, Los Angeles, and Chattanooga. Proud to have Elixir/Phoenix in our toolbox and to support [Wallaby](


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SoPost is a product sampling platform. We make use of Elixir & OTP (_and a few other things_) to provide a performant system that aids our mission to become the world's best product sampling company. Currently, [Our GH repo]( is all private, but we are looking to open up some of the technology we've developed. Nearly always hiring in Newcastle & Edinburgh (UK).