Pandascore is the data provider for e-sports; we provide live data, schedules, statistics, odds and more for most e-sports games and tournaments.

SiliconJungles Pte Ltd

Information Technology/IT
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Designing and Building Products for Southeast Asia We are an Asian product design and development foundry. Working with entrepreneurs, startups and companies, we conceptualize, design, build, scale and launch innovative digital products and solutions.


On, people everywhere are starting campaigns, mobilizing supporters, and working with decision makers to drive solutions.

flyiin GmbH

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flyiin provides forward-looking travel resellers with a simple way to build truly user-centric flight booking experiences based on direct connections to their partner airlines. Startups, marketplaces, corporations, destination marketing companies and social networks will use its Airline DirectConnect Platform to design experiences for their users to easily search, compare and buy flights and related services directly with airlines. Relaunched in 2018, the Berlin-based travel technology startup currently works with innovative players like Qixxit to help them deliver the level of product transparency and choice long expected by air travellers.


Financial Technology
Madrid, Spain | Barcelona, Spain
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Pagantis, an established fintech founded in 2011, provides automated, friction-free consumer finance for e-commerce transactions in Europe.

Font Awesome

Computer Software
Bentonville, AR
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Font Awesome provides the web's most popular icon set and toolkit.

Dazzle Rocks

Helsinki, Finland
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A social games studio in the center of Helsinki, Finland. We love games and challenging ourselves to bring the most unique, massive, artistic ideas to reality.

MHQ Consulting

Computer Software
Lucena City, Philippines
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MHQ is a startup company in Lucena City, Philippines targeting the local IT needs in our region. We mostly use Phoenix for our APIs and has wrapped some of our ETL components within Elixir.


Simple to use, seriously powerful: Yojee’s web-based cloud solution helps small, medium and large enterprises in the Logistics industry to achieve greater levels of efficiency and digital automation. Work smart, not hard: Our software is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) for world-class fleet management and optimisation, helping you gain greater time and cost efficiencies.

LNA Systems

Technology Consulting
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We are a consultancy based in Brazil, working remotely since day 1 for clients in Brazil and USA (and available to work with other countries). Elixir, Phoenix, Flow/Broadway, GraphQL, Kafka, Spark, Docker, and Kubernetes.

Consumer Services
Oakland, CA 94601
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A digital services and product company focused on social good.


Human Resources
Brooklyn, NY
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Talent exchange for staffing agencies.

Swat Mobile

Mobility solutions for city level fleet optimization

Eficiência Fiscal

We are a Brazilian startup focused on tax automation. Although we use some other languages as well, Elixir is our main language. We use it to power everything from background jobs to our user-facing GraphQL API.


Doncaster, United Kingdom (Remote work a possibility)
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Simple, smart conference calls We make arranging, joining & managing a conference call super easy - just the way it should be. Our tech stack is primarily Elixir, Ruby, GraphQL and VueJS.


Service Relationship Management
Los Angeles, CA
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Sr. Software Engineer, Payments

Boulevard is an intelligent scheduling solution and comprehensive point of sale system that increases revenue and lowers costs for salons, spas, and other appointment-based businesses.