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Bus ticket marketplace for Latin America

BlockFi, Inc.

At BlockFi, we are focused on providing financial products - like interest bearing accounts and low-cost credit products - that work equally well with crypto-currencies and cash.

Market Pulse Technologies

Building a personalised analytical & discovery platform to make trading & investing in stock markets easy, safe & profitable. If you are longing for real-time systems that demand insane scale, concurrency & reliability, talk to us.


Computer Software
Rotterdam, The Netherlands
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Equalture builds an HR platform for pre-selection of job applicants. By inviting potential candidates to play games during their job application we measure their skills so we can help you make an unbiased assessment of the candidate's suitability for the job.

The University of Hong Kong

Hong Kong
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[email protected] (the Technology Enriched Learning Initiative at The University of Hong Kong) builds online learning and enterprise microservice systems for NGOs, with Elixir and Phoenix currently running in production.


Information Technology/IT
Uppsala, Sweden
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Caspeco is a company based in Uppsala, Sweden, where we work on IT solutions for the restaurant industry where our point-of-sale uses Elixir as part of its backend.


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Ginza is a digital concierge providing hotels with city guides and bookable experiences curated by local insiders. Each insider and experience on our platform is vetted by us and matched to the hotel based on location and brand-fit.


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Linkly turns any link into a tracking link. Use it to track users, redirect them based on location or device, serve them retargeting pixels and more. Linkly uses Elixir Phoenix as its backend for stability, clean codebase and rolling deploys.


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Invest in Direct Mutual Funds at Zero fees and Zero Commission.


Computer Software/Engineering
Beijing, China
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Seniverse is a leading meteorological data service company in China founded in 2016 who is committed to providing high-precision meteorological data services and products to help companies improve their profits and reduce risks.

Functionary Labs

Technology Consulting
Bengaluru, India
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We are a product development agency based out of Bangalore.

Design Kollective

We help independent brick and mortar furniture stores compete in the internet economy.

Savi Solutions

Business Intelligence
Centerville, UT
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"More insights, less pain.” Business is complicated. Accessible analytics make it easier. Savi is helping business owners all across North America to be one click away from their locations improving operational efficiency and decreasing loss. Our cloud based, easy-to-use, platform both controls and gathers data through cameras, sensors, POS machine, and other connected devices leading to data driven decisions, efficient employee training, and loss prevention. All Day. Every Day.